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Nano Downtech comforters are having a double Nanotech protections on the fabric surface and down feather inside.

The comforters are filled with 100% natural White Goose Down plus our state-of-art treatment.

The 100% cotton leak proof covers are made with special padding to give the Liquid Repellent, Oil and Stain resistance functions.

Under these double treatments on the Down and cover, Downtech comforters give you a total protection against any kind of liquid spill, moisture to make sure you have a warm, light and comfortable sleep every night.

                  Regular down vs Downtech down
Regular down
                                                Downtech down
Lost of heat retention when it gets wet           Protect against wet
Agglomerated after laundry                            Not agglomerated after washing
Long time to dry after washing                        Quick dry
Moisture created unpleasant moldy odors      Anti-Microbial activity
Mites cause Allergies  

SIZE                                             Specification                              Filling  Weight                 
Child   :     115 cm x 145 cm      90/10 White Goose down      600 FP        400 grams           
Single  :    150 cm x 220 cm     90/10 White Goose down       600 FP        950 grams
Double  :   200 cm x 220 cm      90/10 White Goose down      600 FP      1250 grams
King   :      220 cm x 240 cm      90/10 White Goose down      600 FP      1500  grams 

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